Men’s Ladders

Written by LLTC

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Both Tennis Ladders are now up and running and a number of challanges and games have already been played.

It vital that you all get involved and make it a success. So get out there and start making challanges!!

To assist I have attached two PDF documents LTC Mens Tennis Ladder – How to Join and  LTC Mens Tennis Ladder – How to Use It . These documents are step by step guides on how to use the ladder. Please read them and use them as your guides.
I note that some of you have not completed your profiles fully. If the correct information is not there it wiill make it difficult to make challanges. All the information is in the attached document

Over the next 2 months people will be away on holidays so we will just have to work around that. If you are away please indicate that you are on holidays on ropeyladder.

Enjoy the Tennis.

I am awaiting your challanges!!!!!!!!!!


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