We held a series of Bridge lessons for beginners from October to December 2017. Carol Ann Cummins (an international player and teacher) undertook 28 novices and held the lessons over 6 Friday evenings. Interspersed with that we had 6 practice evenings. That culminated in the competition where the results are listed below.

We are now into our second group of 6 lessons continuing into March.

To date we have had almost 40 people take part in one capacity or another. It has been an overwhelming success.

Watch this space for further developments.

If you need further information you can contact Philo Hassett at philohassett@outlook.com. Alternatively you can contact Catherine Maloney at cathy2834924@yahoo.ie.

Bridge Results Wednesday 03-Jan-2018

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17NDonal O’Keeffe & Philo Hassett65.0/ 8081.25
22EJohn Hassett & Maria Wong53.7/ 8067.13
31EAnne O’Dwyer & Sharon Byrne46.8/ 8058.50
45NCatherine Moloney & Mary Tait45.0/ 8056.25
53NMartha Wade & Yvonne Coleman42.3/ 8052.87
67ERolaleen O’Reilly & Una Meehan41.1/ 8051.37
74EJohn Perham & Valerie Henderson41.0/ 8051.25
84NIan & Sylvia Wolfe37.5/ 8046.88
91NNiamh O’Doherty & Mark Becker36.8/ 8046.00
103EPaula Christian & Hazel O’Conner35.4/ 8044.25
115EJackie Wallace & Helen Fahy34.7/ 8043.38
126NJean Barber & Katriona O’Keeffe31.8/ 8039.75
136EEithne Byrne & Jim Carroll29.0/ 8036.25
142NJanice Horner & Hilary O’Dea23.1/ 8028.87